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There are many ways to get help and support using CryptiKey.

Please remember, CryptiKey is a FREE software product so support options are limited. However, we have worked very hard to ensure we have a full help system available online.

If you have a vault with us and you’re having problems connecting to your vault, see the support options below for that.


You can access the documentation and help system here.

It is a full, extensive documentation support system (a manual) for the CryptiKey software product. You will be able to find answers to your questions or problems here. Don’t forget to use the search feature when you get in there.

VIP Support

We do offer a VIP Support solution to those who pledge towards our Patreon. This will grant you instant access to our Discord server which entitles you to support from our support staff, moderators and developers themselves.

You can find more information here.

Vault Support

If you own a secure vault with us, you should login to the vault billing system and open up a new support ticket there.

You can find this section by clicking this link here.

Support Notes

Please note, CryptiKey is a free software product. We can only offer 1-to-1 live support to VIP Support users and Vault users.

You may use our Discord server for support, but support is not guaranteed unless you are a VIP Support user.

Email Support & Bug Reports

You may email us here with regards to software problems and bug reports.

If you are reporting a bug or something not working, please try to be as descriptive as possible as to how we can reproduce this issue. Please try to include screenshots and if possible, a video. Let us know the specs of your computer and any specific details we may need to know, in order to debug the issue quicker.