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CryptiKey is the most elite, free File and Password Encryption software available for Windows and Mobile.

It boasts many features right out of the box to protect your files, your data and your passwords securely.

File Encryption

Super File Encryption

Encrypt any files with military grade encryption, protected by your own self-encrypted private key. There are no brute force methods available for hacking the encryption algorithm used to encrypt your data files.

Password Encryption

Password Encryption

Super protected password storage using two cryptography algorithms. Your passwords have never been so secured. Completely unhackable!

Encryption Vault

Secure, Online Vault

Protect your files by storing them securely in our online vaults. This is a premium (optional) addon. You can get a vault for your files now by clicking here.

Drag n Drop Encryption Software

Drag n Drop Interface

Literally drag files directly into the CryptiKey window to start Encrypting or Decrypting at any time. Throw in 1,2,10 or 500 files to be encrypted or decrypted at once.

Upload Files to Vault

Auto-Upload to Vault

Optionally auto-upload your newly encrypted files straight to your secure, online vault. You can then access your vault from any other computer or laptop to download your files to.

Encrypted Password Manager

Encrypted Password Manager

Import, Create, Edit and Delete your passwords safely and securely with the built-in password manager. Easily sync passwords between your computer and your mobile devices.

Secure and Random Password Generator

Generate Secure Passwords

Generate random, secure passwords on-the-fly, for websites, accounts and apps with a simple click of the mouse.