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Secure Online Vault

Having your own online, secure vault enables you to keep your data off your computer and your devices and stored securely in the cloud where you can access this data from any device from anywhere in the world.

How do I get a secure vault?

You can easily order a secure online vault from us using the order button below.

Orders are instant and setup immediately so you will get instant access to your secure, cloud storage vault and begin using it immediately with CryptiKey.

Clicking the button will take you to our online system, please allow popups.

How secure is a vault?

A CryptiKey secure online vault is the safest and most secure method of storing your encrypted data online.

Your own node in our secure vault is protected with 256-bit Encryption certificates, generated uniquely for your node only.

All connections through CryptiKey to upload and download your files to/from your vault are only connected via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means the data is encrypted before being sent and received.

On top of this, your data is already double-encrypted with your personal Master Key and our Encryption methods. So this is three layers of encrypted protection.

How do I connect my vault to CryptiKey?

Connecting your vault to CryptiKey is very easy to do.

Simply open up the Vault Settings inside the CryptiKey app and input the details sent to you via email after you have ordered your vault and it is setup.

Alternatively, you can read this guide here.

Can I connect to it from anywhere?

Yes. You can connect to your secure, online vault from any location and any computer, laptop or mobile device.

You must ensure you keep your vault details safe and secure and change your password every 3 months.

I've got problems with my vault, how do I get support?

We are a pro-active software development company, who work around-the-clock.

There are many ways to get support from us. First, you should read over the documentation here.

Alternatively, try the live chat icon on the website (bottom right corner).

You can also connect to our Discord server and you can email us. All details can be found here on our support page.